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iDope is blocked is blocked by ISPs around the world. Access the torrent search by using a torrent proxy. When using the app, a torrent-friendly VPN should be used to gain unrestricted access to iDope’s torrent search. torrent page

iDope is a torrent search engine presenting direct magnet links, comments and up to date seeder/leecher statistics. It has been created to be an alternative to Kickass torrent as the text around the logo clearly states: A tribute to Kickass Torrents. It also intends to protect users’ privacy while it is a torrent search engine that does not track.

The operator also offer an Android app for an optimized mobile friendly experience. Torrent search results of iDope’s app are listed in ascending/descending order based on size, quality and more filters.

The site also provides a dump of the latest torrents data (updated every hour).

iDope torrent search alternatives

The site is no official iDope mirror. It makes use of iDopes brand and theme but does not provide the same search functionality as the original. On the pages the creators make clear that is a revised version of the shut down The operators promise to ‘make it better for iDope lovers, […] changed its layout a bit to make things go smooth and user can download torrents with just a single click’.

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iDope Alternative Sites

Gone Down

A list of formerly active domain names officially used by iDope.


Scam, Clone and Fake Sites

A list of unofficial clones and fake sites trying to trick visitors. Usually these sites deliver malicious and spammy ads, some are trying to sell various subscriptions, others gather user passwords.

idope.xyz2019Using iDopes design but does not mirror the sites index.

Status Updates and Notes

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  • blue 5 years ago

    I hope it comes back online as my no1.

  • red 5 years ago

    thanks man works!

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