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TorrentProject is down

TorrentProject ( is not accessible.

Alternative Torrent Search

It’s not clear yet wether TorrentProject will be back online or has shut down completely. DNS entries are still online but the torrent sites’ server do not respond. If you are looking for a TorrentProject alternative you can check our list of alternative torrent search sites.

TorrentProject alternatives

A list of popular alternative torrent sites can be found here. This list includes: torrent page

TorrentProject is a torrent search engine collecting and verifying torrent data from BitTorrent’s DHT (Distributed Hash Table) network and more than 300 other torrent sites. To improve torrent download speed, TorrentProject offers compilations of various trackers per torrent that are not necessarily present in the original torrent file.

Unlike many other torrent search engines, TorrentProject does not only allow the search in torrent titles but also in files of a torrent.

TorrentProject downtime

Since August 2017 the DHT torrent search TorrentProject is defunct and has not shown any signs of a comeback. Several clones appeared after the site’s shutdown. While imitating TorrentProject’s look and feel and feeding torrents from other indexes like The Pirate Bay, it’s not easy to spot those clones. Some clone sites even go with the name TorrentProject2, in reference to the successor of Torrentz – Torrentz2.

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Link is down
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site status online for 66 days
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blocked in 13 countries

TorrentProject Alternative Sites

Official domains used as an alternative to in 2021.


Legit and save TorrentProject sites

There are TorrentProject proxy sites, alternative URLs and mirror sites. Some of them are legit and trustworthy while others may harm a visitors computer or try to make profit by misleading users to malicious adverts.

How do you know which TorrentProject site you can use safely?

Check the official IRC channels, Reddits, Twitter or Facebook profiles or simply have a look on the status page providing a list of verified links.

Status Updates and Notes

TorrentProject gets blocked by Internet backbone provider


A court order blocked pirate sites that weren't supposed to be blocked including

TorrentProject blocked by Australian ISP's

02/2017 and some TorrentProject proxy and mirror sites are blocked in Australia.

108 comments for TorrentProject

  • tes 4 years ago

    what happened to torrentproject?

    • Carlo 4 years ago

      down in Italy

  • c0c0 4 years ago

    down in Australia!

  • Jack 4 years ago

    Down in Canada to …

    • Anonymous 4 years ago

      down on my wife

      • ;-p 4 years ago

        I didn’t see you there….

  • Bernie 4 years ago

    plus en France

  • davinah 4 years ago

    sayonara torrentproject
    Thank you for sharing links
    your site will be missed!!!

    May other sites like you live on

  • Ted 4 years ago

    EZTV is down in france

  • Li Han 4 years ago

    and idem in China Shame this website was on the top one for me

  • rafa 4 years ago

    down in brazil

  • Paloma 4 years ago

    Down in Spain 🙁

    Any mirror?

  • dave 4 years ago

    Down in Italy

  • oko 4 years ago

    dead in Ireland too 🙁

  • Eetu 4 years ago

    Down in Finland

  • Paloma 4 years ago

    Are there real alternatives to TorrentProject? It was my #1 by far.
    Thank you

    • Ren 3 years ago
      Like torrentproject

  • bulke 4 years ago

    also down in belgium

  • Venkat 4 years ago

    Down in India

  • HouLan 4 years ago

    Down in Algeria

  • Yeppers 4 years ago

    So now what, is it coming back or will be like Pirate Bay – Bye Bye Bye…..!1??

    • eNdEmiOn 4 years ago

      TPB is up and running you know!

  • luiz 4 years ago

    Down in Brazil

  • anova 4 years ago

    Down in India

  • Ali 4 years ago

    Down in Uae

  • emmm' 4 years ago

    Down in China

  • OMG 4 years ago

    down in Korea

  • Belly 4 years ago

    Down in Israel

  • Adnan Arif 4 years ago

    Down in Pakistan

  • Tomtom 4 years ago

    down in germany – is it permanent??
    any alternatives???

    • Hyksens 4 years ago

  • Enrico 4 years ago

    Down in italy

  • hype33 alex 4 years ago

    down in Romania

  • Goms 4 years ago

    Down in Korea

  • Hyksens 4 years ago

    Down in South Africa

  • Gramsci 4 years ago

    Down in Sweden as well. Fuck!

  • Minchita 4 years ago

    Down in Finland.. a good torrent pages are hard to find these days..

  • rodrigo 4 years ago

    down in chile

  • Nooooooooooooo 4 years ago

    Down in Japan too :'(

  • unknown 4 years ago

    Down in India

  • PT 4 years ago

    Down in Portugal

  • ZEV 4 years ago

    down in indonesia too

  • Milo 4 years ago

    Dead in chile

  • Omni 4 years ago

    Down in the Netherlands, damn.

  • Internet_Voyager 4 years ago

    Fucking Also Down In Hong Kong !!! ….Damn it !!!

  • James 4 years ago

    Site Developers will enable proxy/s and resume activity soon, I´ve been informed.
    However, the best Metasearch Engine was not TorrentProject, people.
    It is an Indian domain…

    • momo 3 years ago

      really? this site will come back again? where you get the information about the web developer?

  • cevara 4 years ago

    down in Serbia

  • smspoir3 4 years ago

    Down in Korea

  • aldodasolo 4 years ago

    down indonesia

  • momo 4 years ago

    take it easy ,TorrentProject had been down for at least 2 times in last 2 years , very time it down, it shows erro 503, then you find it is ok several days later. don’t worry , it will come back!

  • Simon KK 4 years ago

    Good site for me ,
    why down??

  • Free to Lay 4 years ago

    Down in Thailand, oh my?!

  • nam 4 years ago

    could you teach me another like torrentproject??

  • Fukkety 4 years ago

    I didn’t know SWEDISH LAW had changed, so why are these sites going down? (I know, US dictatorship protecting PRIVATE CAPITAL with GOVERNMENT MONEY via Lobbying – Free Market as fuck, that!)
    Dead even via TOR (non-onion normal URL).

  • Pinak 4 years ago

    Down in India too

  • Speedtrap 4 years ago

    Looks like a conspiracy… one more site Just gone. No explanation nothing just gone. VPN_ world wide as far as I can tell.

  • Ryder 3 years ago

    Down in Malta

  • Xiam 3 years ago

    Down in North Korea

  • 4dri 3 years ago

    North Korea? lol, Kim, is that you?

  • Pooo.. 3 years ago

    Down in korea

  • Zol 3 years ago

    Down in india now

  • Oh Dear 3 years ago

    Down in South Africa

  • Kratos 3 years ago

    Down in india

  • Asif 3 years ago

    Down In Bangladesh. Please, fix it quick.

  • james 3 years ago

    Down in India

  • 100 3 years ago

    India too

  • PUTIN 3 years ago

    down in RUSSIA

  • yourDad 3 years ago

    Down in Mexico, too.

  • Anja 3 years ago

    Down in New-Zealand

  • zaib 3 years ago

    down in Pakistan ..

  • Molester 3 years ago

    Down in korea.

  • Admin 3 years ago

    everywhere down

  • mike 3 years ago

    down in Korea

  • Wazzup 3 years ago

    Down in China

  • HuHu NazuLa 3 years ago

    Down in Texas

  • Shabeeb 3 years ago

    Down in india

  • Shabeeb 3 years ago

    Any other

  • DKR 3 years ago

    Down in India

  • SynSeer 3 years ago

    Is it time to call time of death?

    • Teslo 3 years ago

      I don’t hope so!

  • rino 3 years ago

    thx for torrents

  • Anonimus 3 years ago

    Down in Serbia 🙁

  • duh 3 years ago

    down under…

  • Vishwas 3 years ago

    Down in India as well

  • mac 3 years ago

    down in korea too

  • Acen Manj 3 years ago

    Down in pakistan

  • torrent for life 3 years ago

    down in china

  • AKAI 3 years ago

    Down everywhere

  • uyhjuouam 3 years ago

    best torrent site after kickasstorrent hope it will be back

  • Solomon 3 years ago

    Down in Saudi Arabia

  • maxche 3 years ago

    dead in china

  • AnonymousPride 3 years ago


  • Darwin 3 years ago

    403 Forbidden :/

  • Aussie-Nerd 3 years ago

    It has been going still in Australia via proxy [unblock] website through tor. However, today she is down down from every angle…… :'(
    Today being 23.10.2017

  • Aussie-Nerd 3 years ago

    Well good news folks. A little sniffing around the proxy/unblock sites [+ testing] yields results. It’s a different look [different menu style etc] but sure enough it’s the one. It’s current and working. So, I’d reckon there are some TP server moves going on and what I can get is the ‘on the run version’ Nevertheless it works as seen here

    • jix 3 years ago

      it’s likely a copycat with a pirate bay index mirrored.

  • Aussie-Nerd 3 years ago

    This well may be the case as we all saw this when Kickass went down. However, when we compare the two sites (tpb+TP) by the top seeding torrents there is a distinct difference as seen here……… tpb here and TP here ……………but yes, a very good theory ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Gabriel 3 years ago

    403 error in China

  • jsd 3 years ago

    down in scotland

  • Chink 3 years ago

    Down in China

  • James 3 years ago

    torrentproject was one of the best meta search engines ! I wasn’t ready for this website to RIP 🙁

  • somecomputerguy 3 years ago

    Hope we never lose TPB here is a site listing its proxies and speed details.

  • 56 3 years ago

    down in saudi to unfortionaly

  • Neo 3 years ago

    Down in Algeria

  • Ms. Lucid 3 years ago

    for me works with

  • Sanjeev 3 years ago

    Down and dead in INDIA 🙁

  • DN 3 years ago

    was my best in Angola

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