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Torrenthound shut down in 2016.
The site is not legit and advertises a (commercial) usenet client. With Torrenthounds end all related proxies stopped operations too. torrent page

Torrenthound was a popular general torrent site that stopped operations in 2016. The sites owner made a statement on Torrentfreak: “It’s a combination of less traffic, less revenue and our bills piling up. Then add on constantly getting bugged by anti piracy agents, just wasn’t worth the headache anymore.”

The site is not a legit Torrenthound website and redirects to usenet advertising.

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TorrentHound Alternative Sites

Scam, Clone and Fake Sites

A list of unofficial clones and fake sites trying to trick visitors. Usually these sites deliver malicious and spammy ads, some are trying to sell various subscriptions, others gather user passwords.

torrenthounds.com2016-2017Not legit, redirects to usenet advertising.

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