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Alternative Proxy is blocked in some regions around the world and can be accessed by a proxy site or VPN. As there are also several Torlock proxies blocked by ISPs you can choose from various alternative proxies from the list. The proxy list is regulary updated to include only working Torlock proxies. torrent page

Torlock is a torrent index and torrent search that helps to access the latest in TV series and movies. Calling itself the No Fakes Torrent Site, Torlock is dedicated to list verified torrents only. Torlock pays its users a compensation of $1 per fake torrent they can find.

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blocked in 6 countries

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Status Updates and Notes

Torlock database errors


Torlock's torrent pages are unavailable due to technical issues. domain blocked


Torlock got blocked by UK's Internet Service Providers.

18 comments for Torlock

  • Piotr 7 years ago

    Wrong! ISP can be revealed via provider even when using P2P!

  • kalmen 7 years ago

    maybe it is blocked by your ISP? try a proxy

  • kalmen 7 years ago

    or your IP is blocked (by cloudflare + torlock) if you use a VPN

  • Mukesh kumar sah 7 years ago

    please help me…………
    How to hide ip address

  • sigurl 7 years ago

    use VPN for masking your IP. There’s one good VPN recommended at the top of this site.

  • mike 6 years ago

    you have banned me for absoloutly nothing well fuck you

  • Wk3d1. 6 years ago

    Works fine,,, seems so anyway’s. I have just down load x2 tor files. Yet it’s claimed there’s a ill-ability to download any torrent file.? So far so good.

  • tomalock 6 years ago

    How is a VPN going to help since they can track you the moment you connect to your server?

  • greatsexyguy999 5 years ago

    all of those torrent sites one day thay will all be gone i hope not

  • Scott 5 years ago

    2/24/2019 …. there are no problems DLing for me

  • Cheeda talli 5 years ago

    Not working

  • Lloydlorrys 5 years ago

    Très bien

  • Ahmad khan 4 years ago

    This is very good

  • Hjkl 4 years ago

    Tres bien

  • tracey 3 years ago

    what is a VPN you can use for free no money involved

  • Fuckthalaw 2 years ago

    Brazil is blocked. At least in Rio de Janeiro

  • Mustafa590 2 years ago

    In Iraq not working

  • Mr.no0body 11 months ago in my country “IRAN” is blocked

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