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TNTVillage runs a crypto miner

TNTVillage is running a crypto miner on it’s website. The script (Coin-Hive) is generating crypto-coins automatically in the background using a visitors CPU power.

To stop TNTVillage from mining cryptocurrency it is recommended to install a browser ad-blocker that supports blocking of crypto miners. torrent page

TNTVillage (TNTV) is a ratioless Italian private torrent tracker for Italian movies, TV series, e-books, games and music.

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  • Music
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  • Students Office
  • E-Book
  • Linux
  • Anime
  • Cartoon
  • Mac
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  • PC
  • Playstation
  • Music Video
  • Sport
  • Teatro
  • Wrestling
  • Altro
  • Xbox
  • Serie TV
  • Fumetteria
  • Trash
  • Nintendo
  • Audio Books
  • podcast
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Language Italian
Link is down
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site status down
private tracker invite only – signups closed Proxy

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