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Website offline and reports of TamilRockers shut down (October 2020)

Several news outlets such as Times of India and India.com have reported that TamilRockers domain (s) were deactivated by ICANN after several DMCA reports were filed against the torrent site. However, the corresponding Whois information does not show a domain status that confirms this. Other reports suggest the site has been blocked again. A film critic tweeted

Good news for Kollywood industry. #Tamilrockers seems to be blocked now

The newest official domain tamilrockers.ws is no longer hosting the original website, but domain parking ads. Since the website is offline, all TamilRockers proxies will also be inoperable. Meanwhile, TamilMV, a similar Tamil torrent site, has posted the following note on their page:

Thanks to TR for his wonderful services for a decade – TEAM TMV

It remains to be seen whether the site was actually closed. If you look at the history of the site, it wouldn’t be uncommon to see TamilRockers coming back with a new domain. While rumors on Twitter and other social media platforms claim that Tamilrockers will be closed permanently, others predict that a new domain will be coming very soon.

Some users suggested TamilMV (proxies) as an alternative for TamilRockers website.

Latest TamilRockers links (Update 6)

TamilRockers changed its domain to tamilrockers.ws. Access the now blocked tamilrockers.ws by using a VPN.

Find the latest unblocked proxy on the regularly updated TamilRockers proxy list. Don’t forget to bookmark the list of the latest TR links! Unblock TamilRockers permanently by using a cheap and torrent-friendly VPN.

New domain, again (gs/gr/gy) (Update 5)

The movies torrent tracker moved it’s domain one more time. The current working official link is tamilrockers.gy. The URL tamilrockers.gr redirects to the new domain (gs).

New domain tamilrockerrs.co (Update 4)

The working official site is tamilrockers.co. The URL tamilrockers.gy redirects to the new domain.

TamilRockers new domain (nz/nu/la)

TamilRockers official domain is tamilrockers.nz. The old domains tamilrockers.la and tamilrockers.nu redirect to the new one (nz).

TamilRockers is blocked

TamilRockers (tamilrockerrs.pl) is blocked in India but can be unblocked and fully accessed by using a VPN service. Users accessing TamilRockers from India can only see a message stating that the

“requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India.”

The government powered ISP block restricts access to TamilRockers website while surfing with every major Indian ISP.

As an result of the nationwide website blocking TR switched to new domains (.mx and .cx) twice in March 2017. In May 2017 the movies site switched to tamilrockers.lv. In late 2017 TamilRockers moved again to tamilrockers.nu and tamilrockers.nz.

In 2018 and 2019 these domains where redirected again to new destinations. In early 2019 TamilRockers moved to the current official address tamilrockers.ws.

TamilRockers admin arrest

Several Indian news sites have reported that TamilRockers’ admin was arrested. It is not clear yet if it was TamilRockers’ admin who was arrested or the admin of another website (TamilGun torrent site). According to some posts on social media channels the admins of TamilRockers and TamilGun have not been arrested.

Alternatives – torrent search sites

A list of TamilRockers alternative torrent sites can be found here.

Alternative TamilRockers Movie copycats

Around the well-know “brand” for tamil movies many movie sites appeared that include TamilRockers in it’s website name and domains or make use of design elements of the original TamilRockers site. Among these so called copycats are tamilrockermovies.com, isaidub (isaidubs.net) and tamilrockers.co.com.

Unblock TamilRockers (proxy mirrors and VPN)

You can access TamilRockers original site by activating a VPN or visiting one of a dozen TR proxy sites.

tamilrockers.ws torrent page

Tamilrockers HD tamil movies

TamilRockers (TR) is an Indian torrent tracker focused on movies in Tamil, Tamil dubbed movies and other indian language movies. Tamilrockerrs.pl let you download and watch  Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi movies in high quality. TamilRockers has been blocked in India but can be accessed by TamilRockers proxy sites.

The domains tamilrockers.net, tamilrockers.cc and tamilrockers.to belong to the original tamilrockers.com and redirect to the current URL tamilrockerrs.pl (the official URLs now includes a double ‘rr’ in it’s names). The websites tamil-rockers.com, tamilrockers.co, teamrockers.net, trmovies.net (trmovies.co), tamilrockers.asia, tamilrockers.net.in and teamrockers.co  do not belong to the original tamilrockers.com site. TamilRockers has archived a good deal of URLs in it’s recent domain history. Starting with .com and .net it moved over to .to, .la, .cc, .ac, .cz, .be, .nu, .nz and currently goes with tamilrockerrs.pl.

The constant change of Tamilrockers domain names (about 30 domains) allowed it’s followers to visit the site even when the former links where blocked already.

In September 2017 Indian news sites reported about the arrest of a piracy related websites admin. According to some reports the admin of TamilRockers was arrested. At the time of breaking news TamilRockers website was online and fully functional.

In the summer of 2018 various Indian news sites reported that members of TamilRockers where arrested. Just some days after the news about the team members arrests the site announced that they will release the movie Kaala before the first show. According to a comment from the official TamilRockers channel, it says:

We will release the kaala full movie on first day before first show.

At the moment the Tamilrockers website is still available under different domains.

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TamilRockers Alternative Sites

Legit and save TamilRockers sites

There are TamilRockers proxy sites, alternative URLs and mirror sites. Some of them are legit and trustworthy while others may harm a visitors computer or try to make profit by misleading users to malicious adverts.

How do you know which TamilRockers site you can use safely?

Check the official IRC channels, Reddits, Twitter or Facebook profiles or simply have a look on the status page providing a list of verified links.

Gone Down

A list of formerly active domain names officially used by TamilRockers.


Scam, Clone and Fake Sites

A list of unofficial clones and fake sites trying to trick visitors. Usually these sites deliver malicious and spammy ads, some are trying to sell various subscriptions, others gather user passwords.

tamilrockers.coThe .co domain is not related to the Tamilrockers.net website.
tamilrockers.inTamilrockers.in does not belong to the original Tamilrockers.net website.
tamilrockers.usTamilrockers.us is not affiliated with the original Tamilrockers.net.
tamilrockers.spaceAnother TamilRockers copycat using the sites name.

Status Updates and Notes

Tamilrockers.ws is down


Reports suggest the site was closed

Members arrested


According to some news portals, more Tamilrockers members were arrested.

Tamilrockers admin arrested


Various Indian news sites reported that the admin of TamilRockers website has been arrested in India.

Twitter handle suspended


Tamilrockers twitter handle @tamilrockersoff has been suspended

New Tamilrockers address


Once again Tamilrockers moved over to a new domain: Tamilrockers switched to new domain Tamilrockers.cx.

New Tamilrockers domain


Tamilrockers switched to new domain Tamilrockers.mx.

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