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Soundpark online with new domain

Soundpark has switched to a new domain:
The proxy list has been updated and non-working proxies have been removed.

New link

Soundpark has a new domain:

Soundpark is down again is currently offline. It shows a 502 error served by Cloudfare.

Soundpark down

The majority of Soundpark’s domain park is down. The main URL’s and are offline. Another (proxy?) site is available at and seems to be working at the moment.

Soundpark is temporary down

Soundpark is currently not fully accessible. It provides a Cloudfare proxy notice on every now and again.

New domain

Soundpark has switched again to a new domain: The URL is no longer active. torrent page

Founded in 2010, Soundpark is a music torrent site and tracker focused on music albums, discographies, and original soundtracks. The site has a lossless section as well.

Soundpark operates diverse torrent sites for different languages. So you can look for Spanish music torrents on, French torrents on or Italian music torrents on All active language specific domains can be found on Soundpark’s official site.

However, since Soundpark regularly changes its domains, it can be difficult to find a current, functioning website.

Soundpark has introduced a paywall for it’s latest music download releases.

Site Categories
  • New Albums
  • Russian music
  • Various Artists
  • Discographies
  • Lossless
  • OST
  • Online Video
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site status online for 78 days
private tracker invite only – signups closed

Soundpark Alternative Sites

Official domains used as an alternative to in 2021.


Legit and save Soundpark sites

There are Soundpark proxy sites, alternative URLs and mirror sites. Some of them are legit and trustworthy while others may harm a visitors computer or try to make profit by misleading users to malicious adverts.

How do you know which Soundpark site you can use safely?

Check the official IRC channels, Reddits, Twitter or Facebook profiles or simply have a look on the status page providing a list of verified links.

Status Updates and Notes

11 comments for Soundpark

  • Randolph 3 years ago

    Otra vez volvió a caer 🙁

  • Metabaron 3 years ago

    it is back up, but not with top list on homepage

  • Mark 2 years ago

    This site is down or has more issues all the time

  • steph 2 years ago

    blocked in israel

  • casual 2 years ago

    india down

  • Udo -Brisbane 2 years ago

    Australia seems to be blocked. Only getting stupid Games when connecting to torrent

  • Jayman 2 years ago

    This site is down once again today 5-7-2020 its down more than up lately

  • Demaeghtj 1 year ago

    Belgium no connection

  • Bob 1 year ago

    Service potentiellement payant ? Avec le nouveau

  • Hyper 1 year ago

    Portugal no connection

  • Wayne Brown 4 months ago

    Soundparks new look site is not as user friendly as their previous site. It’s a shame

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