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Solid Torrents is blocked

The torrent search is blocked in many countries. Various torrent proxies can still help access the site. torrent page

Solid Torrents aims to be the “most user friendly torrent search engine”. The sites search results page offers direct links to cached torrent files as well as magnet links. The author of the website describes the project as

a clean, privacy focused torrent search engine. Like Google/Yahoo but just for torrents.

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site status online for 160 days
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Solid Torrents Alternative Sites

Legit and save Solid Torrents sites

There are Solid Torrents proxy sites, alternative URLs and mirror sites. Some of them are legit and trustworthy while others may harm a visitors computer or try to make profit by misleading users to malicious adverts.

How do you know which Solid Torrents site you can use safely?

Check the official IRC channels, Reddits, Twitter or Facebook profiles or simply have a look on the status page providing a list of verified links.

Status Updates and Notes

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