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NORDiCHD is down

The private HD tracker NORDiCHD has many downtimes and is classified as inactive. torrent page

NORDiCHD (NHD) is a private torrent tracker for general content specific for users from Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

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Link is down
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site status down
private tracker invite only – signups closed Proxy

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7 comments for NORDiCHD

  • Jack 4 years ago

    This is very often it goes down, better sites out there.

  • Jack 4 years ago

    why this site always is down

  • Johs 4 years ago

    Seems this site is down a lot, are they using free server?

  • anno 4 years ago

    Children run this bad tracker always down

  • rob 4 years ago

    shitty tracker

  • Charleston 4 years ago

    This tracker is run by a guy from his server at his home and open up one time a week, nothing there that we cant get other places so save you from problem and bad security stay away from nordichd.

  • Vestein 12 months ago They changes the domain

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