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IPTorrents is blocked in UK, Norway and Australia. The ISP blocks can be bypassed by using a IPTorrents proxy site.

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IPTorrents (IPT) is a general private tracker and part of a tracker network that gained bad reputation among the private tracker community. Sites supposed to belong to this network include TorrentDay (TD), Torrenting (TT), Deildu, Speed.cd (SPD) and Scenetime (ST).

IPT has been criticized for attacking (DDosSing) other trackers, stealing peers from other trackers, selling invites and scamming their own users (abusive use of users credentials, lottery scam).

According to reports from Reddit and many online communities IPTorrents is suspected to disable user accounts for no reason and asking for a donation in order to have the account discovered.

Reddit threads regarding IPtorrents

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Link iptorrents.com
2 ratings
site status online for 232 days
private tracker invite only – signups closed
blocked in 4 countries

IPTorrents Alternative Sites

Official domains used as an alternative to iptorrents.com in 2024.

  • https://iptorrents.eu
  • https://iptorrents.me

Legit and save IPTorrents sites

There are IPTorrents proxy sites, alternative URLs and mirror sites. Some of them are legit and trustworthy while others may harm a visitors computer or try to make profit by misleading users to malicious adverts.

How do you know which IPTorrents site you can use safely?

Check the official IRC channels, Reddits, Twitter or Facebook profiles or simply have a look on the status page providing a list of verified links.

Status Updates and Notes

7 comments for IPTorrents

  • lell287 5 years ago

    i have been a member for many years then got a different laptop and lost my access a friend gave me an invite and I managed to download and Im seeding them all but you dont seem to be able to see them

  • joanofark06 5 years ago

    I just heard about this site, and I’m wondering, if this site is THAT good to be closed, and can only be opened by invite only, what DOES this OH so rare and so special website have, that I couldn’t get in the many OTHER torrent sites, I’ve archived over the years, and still enjoying and using today? And so, along with that thought, I sit and ponder, and wonder….again….why would I pay twenty of more dollars (for instant admission), if I couldn’t even SEE a HINT beforehand, of what I’d be getting for THAT much money? Hmmmm… naaaa, I’m good.

  • Janssen Patricia 5 years ago

    I lost my IPtorrents password,
    But I alse lose that from my Gmail account that’s I named for repairing my iptoreents

  • Passiorange 5 years ago

    The stuff they have on this tracker site is just awful and behind the times. Went overseas and it kept pinging me saying “You have to log in at least once within the span of 3 months or we’ll just delete your account” (despite it being in amazing health and had a huge positive ratio).

    Logged in a few times in a week just so that it would stop that, but came back and they just happened to “delete” the account with no word or any communication, BUT THEY’RE HAPPY TO HAVE DONATOR STATUS FOR ONE TO JOIN BACK IN.

  • leonard 4 years ago

    I have a vpn windscribe pro

  • stimpy 2 years ago

    i’m from australia, blocked by telstra, just got new gen 3 modem. changed dns to google no good, will try cloudflare

  • motorman1066 2 years ago

    15th September 2022
    I am a user from Australia and the system has defaulted to use Cloudfare to check for a secure connection to IPTorrents.
    I have been a VIP subscriber for many years now and apart from the IPTorrents system being down temporarily for maintenance, I have had little trouble accessing IPT in all that time.
    Now, suddenly, I can’t access IPTorrents at all.
    The connection stops permanently with a mousewheel at the Cloudfare security check and flashes every 5 seconds.
    I would have thought the system would make some error comment if the connection was deemed insecure after a few attempts instead of continually retrying to connect unsuccessfully
    I use Nord VPN.
    I have tried all the usual browser history clearing etc but nothing works.
    Can you please research this problem? I can’t reach the website to be able to contact you in the normal manner.

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