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Direct Torrents has shut down

Torrent cloud download service Direct Torrents has stopped operations.
The sites owner did not published an official statement about the site’s shutdown.

Direct Torrents Alternatives

A list of torrent download sites similar to Direct Torrents that focus on converting torrent files and magnet links to direct download links:

  • Seedr
    (download torrrents to the cloud, stream and organize torrents)
  • Cloud Torrent
    (self-hosted torrent client for downloading torrents remotely)
  • ZbigZ
    (download torrents directly from the cloud, add downloads to a download manager)
  • Boxopus
    (convert torrents to direct downloads and download from cloud servers)
  • Quick Torrent
    (torrent to direct download converter)
  • PutDrive
    (download torrents directly to Dropbox, Google Drive and other cloud storage providers)
  • Offcloud
    (torrent to cloud downloader) torrent page

Direct Torrents is a torrent download service loading torrent to it’s seedbox and serving a direct download link to the user. After submitting a torrent URL or magnet link the download task will be processed. The latest torrents are added to a waiting list. It may takes some minutes before the conversion starts.

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Direct Torrents Alternative Sites

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