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Brokenstones (BRKS) is a private torrent tracker for mac torrents. Beside apps and games Brokenstones also provides some video tutorials and e-books.

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7 comments for Brokenstones

  • Dave 1 year ago

    In need of assistance.

    I am getting “your username or password is incorrect ” which is not possible and then when I try to reset then password , “there is no user with that email address”

    Please advise.

  • Dave 12 months ago

    no longer able to login
    “wrong email or password”
    when not possible as saved to computer and automatically logging in for years

    anyway to contact Brokenstone directly
    – getting invalid email address message when trying to reset
    (also not possible)

  • mscarce 11 months ago

    ow do I get in

  • [email protected] 11 months ago

    Please grant me access? I do lots of seeding, not a leecher, friendly and nice.

  • FreQRiDeR 8 months ago

    elitist swine!

  • Rstones 8 months ago

    dont use above – its a scam-bait

  • ric.vjs 6 months ago

    Me gustaría una invitación al sitio? se podrá obtener alguna? Gracias

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