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bitGAMER (bG) is a private torrent tracker specialized in games. Poised as the replacement for the original bitGAMER (, founded in 2006), is not in any way affiliated with the staff from the original tracker. bitGAMER’s replica has a growing collection of games from PC to consoles.

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7 comments for bitGAMER

  • ofer 5 years ago

    Hello I would like an invitation to register for your site
    [email protected]

  • pascal 4 years ago

    how can i creat e a account

  • [email protected] 4 years ago

    Hello I would like an invitation to register for your site

  • Kelly Hubbard 3 years ago

    Vortex? Doom? Castlevania Dracula? SSF2? Barman returns? Syndicate? Saturday night slam masters? Also European/ japanese exclusives like terranigma. Cannon fodder. Sensible soccer. final fight 3….? And castlevania 4/harvest moon and donkey Kong country should not be down in the sub top 20… C’mon dude. Sacrifice one of ur beloved rpg’ s or Tetris… only chrono trig/Mario rpg/earthbound and of course zelda need to be in top 40 or so… (I hate final fantasy).
    Kelly Hubbard

  • Holly Hooper 3 years ago

    A Link to the Past should not be #1, in my opinion. The concept of the Zelda games is not suitable for everyone. I had to use walkthroughs for Ocarina of Time, and now I’m wondering why it’s suddenly regarded as one of the greatest games ever, especially with all the hullabaloo about the Water Temple. Super Mario World on the other hand, has a easy to use/understand concept of just making it to the end of a level, with no frustrating no-hints given puzzles that you can learn from and not get frustrated with from getting lost, and again, was a pack-in game. Arguably the best of all games packaged with systems.
    Holly Hooper

  • Jayme Silvestri 3 years ago

    Jayme Silvestri
    What I don’t get is why Nintendo didn’t get together with Rare to do a 32 meg, ACM graphics Mario Kart sequel on the SNES possibly using the Super FX 2 chip for a boost or even companies like Konami teaming up with Nintendo & Rare to do a 32 meg, ACM Castlevania and/or Contra game just to see what they could’ve accomplished together. They could’ve made those games as big as the Donkey Kong Country series. Super Return of the Jedi should’ve been much bigger & better than it was. They were so lazy they didn’t even change the way (1 handed) Darth Vader fought you from Empire to Jedi & it was a cakewalk to beat him. A few missed opportunities there

  • Paul Brown 1 year ago

    I was always a sega fan. Always liked sega music better. Like Ecco, Flashback, Sonic. And didnt like MIDI style on SNES. But have to agree that Populous and RnR Racing sounds a way better. Thanks for vid, it will help me to pick a game. All i had till today is namelist and no idea what to play – random pick was disappointing.
    Paul Brown

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